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Posted: 09/14/10 06:38 AM
Author: Osiriz
Location: Portugal
Posts: 2


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[UPDATED!!! ]70s-80s song with no lyrics
Hello all!

I'm looking for a particular song, probably from the 70s-80s (more 70s). It has a female choir singing only "na na na na" and the main artist(?)talking. You can hear a "routine day": he brushes his teeth, go out, talks to people on the street. You can also hear a car accident, and a woman speaking in french. He talks very rarely (and I think some sentences are in italian and french), more like if he was talking to himself. The choir part is repited and is: A A A G F# D D E G G G F# D B A (All quavers, except the last 3 that are crotchets).
I have the song on an old k7...maybe I can convert it to mp3 and send it to someone to listen and identify it!

Thanks in advance!

You can hear the music here:

Aaron From OHWC
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